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The International Student Admissions Ambassadors (ISAA) is a student organization at Cornell University that works with the Undergraduate Admissions Office to provide a more personal and comprehensive view of Cornell for prospective international students. The ISAA was officially organized in 2004.


ISAA members serve as liaisons helping to create a stronger connection between current international students at Cornell and prospective and incoming international students. ISAA members take part in activities including responding to email inquiries, organizing and hosting online chat sessions and other electronic/Web communication events, serving on panels, welcoming new students to Cornell, and visiting their former high schools to provide information about living and learning at Cornell. 

Cornell ISAA


Current Cornell Students - Email to Join the ISAA:

Prospective Students - Email to Learn More About Cornell:
International Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Office
410 Thurston Ave
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-5241
Email: intl-inquiry@cornell.edu
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Getting to Know US - Former ISAA Members and Leaders Now Cornell Alumni

Sophie Ngan Le

Sophie majored in Chemical Engineering. She is originally from Ha Noi, Viet Nam. On campus, Sophie actively participated in Cornell ChemE Car Project Team, Cornell Vietnamese Association, and PREPARE along with ISAA. Fun fact about Sophie: she can also breathe through the corners of her eyes.


Bo Yang

Bo studied Environmental Engineering in CALS and he is from Hefei, China. Proudest thing he did in 161 things every Cornellian should do: #16. Wear flip-flops to class in January. 

Joseph Outa

Joseph was in College of Arts and Sciences. He is from Kenya. On campus, Joseph took part in ISAA, SWAG Cornell and Givology, an organization that empowers students and sponsors educational projects in developing countries. His hobbies are travelling, spending time in nature, going on adventures, reading philosophy, sarcastic humor and photography. Fun fact about Joseph: he has trypophobia!

Brandon Mok


Brandon majored in History in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is from Hong Kong.

Fanny Chen

Fanny was in the College of Engineering studying biological engineering and minoring in global health. She was born in Beijing and moved to Canada when she was 5. She enjoys everything from reading 19th century literature to watching Legally Blond.

Hee Jin (Sam) Jeon


Sam was a Human Development major in the College of Human Ecology. He was born in South Korea, but lived half of his 21 years in Canada and the US. He loves playing sports and he loves MANGOES!

Victoria Mutai

Victoria is from Nairobi, Kenya. She was n the School of Hotel Administration and hopes to go into Finance and Real Estate. She really really likes and LOVES ice cream and you who is reading this should join ISAA! <3

Ray Yu

Ray studied in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and SC Johnson College of Business, majoring in Applied Economics and Management (AEM). Although he was born in Texas, he lived in Shanghai for most of his life. His favorite movie of all time is Shaolin Soccer.

Timothy Ng

Timothy was in the College of Engineering, studying Computer Science. On campus, he was involved with the Hong Kong Students Association and he likes figure skating.


Rosa Ma

Rosa studied in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, majoring in biological sciences and minoring in computer science. Besides marveling at how cool biology is and coding, Rosa enjoyed watching Friends and The Big Bang Theory, going to museums and zoos, traveling, making origami and collecting key chains. 

Xinyi Chen

Xinyi was in College of Arts and Sciences, and she majored in Near Eastern Studies with a Jewish Studies Minor. She practiced Kendo at Cornell. She is from Shanghai, China.


Yiwen Jiang


Yiwen was a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Mathematics and Economics, along with a business minor. She is from Shanghai, China.

Shawn Felton

Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Emeritus ISAA Advisor


 As the university's executive director of undergraduate admissions, Shawn works with each of the undergraduate college admissions offices to shape their enrollment goals and selection processes, leads admissions recruitment efforts, and provides vision for multicultural and international admissions and initiatives to further diversify and strengthen Cornell’s undergraduate population. Shawn has been involved with the ISAA since its founding in 2004 and international recruitment and admissions remains one of his greatest passions. A fun fact about Shawn is that he studied Classical music, electronic music, music composition, and ethnomusicology in college and graduate school.